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da Vinci Lab Slider

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[slide_description_bold button_link= button_text="View More"] da Vinci Lab This innovative educational program needed a logo that captured its brand identity.[/slide_description_bold] [slide_pic_small] [/slide_pic_small]

SUNY Potsdam

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[slide_description_bold button_link= button_text="Learn More"] SUNY Potsdam The university needed fresh marketing materials. [/slide_description_bold] [slide_pic_small] [/slide_pic_small]

Saratoga Hospital slider

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[slide_description_bold button_link= button_text="View More"] Saratoga Hospital They asked us for a completely new, user-friendly web site. [/slide_description_bold] [slide_pic_small] [/slide_pic_small]

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[slide_description_bold button_link= button_text="Learn More"] Think Breakfast! NY State Ed asked us to create a campaign to get kids to eat breakfast. [/slide_description_bold] [slide_pic_small] [/slide_pic_small]