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110 Spring St

The Gist


Founded: 2000

Location: Grand old Saratoga Springs, NY. Home of the country’s oldest and most beautiful racetrack, and summer home of the New York City Ballet. It’s a city in the country that’s really on the move.

Clients: Everything from a lacrosse training academy and a traveling museum to a manufacturer of miniature screws. With a special expertise in healthcare and education.

Mad Men, we’re not. We’re real people who come up with smart solutions. Our clients appreciate that we tell it straight, really listen, and care about budgets. If you like the no b.s. approach, you’ll like us.

You’ll also like that you always get the A team. That’s one of the advantages of working with us−we don’t believe in B teams. The buck stops here.

We’re a Gaggle of Creatives & Geeks.

We Design & Develop Smart Stuff That Gets Results.

The Team


Andrew Shanley

— Founder & Director All Things Off-line
  • Completed two marathons
  • Single digit golf handicap
  • Published author

In the ad business, Andrew’s been there, done that. He’s played a leadership role in numerous local and statewide campaigns. Before that, he was a newspaper reporter. He covered John Belushi’s funeral, interviewed a Secretary of Defense, profiled writers and musicians, and covered a couple of murder trials along the way. Andrew plays many roles at Imagine That but at heart he’s a writer. He has a gift for making it sing.


Karen Shanley

— CEO & Director All Things On-line
  • Owns more tools than a hardware store
  • Published author
  • Olympic multi-tasker

When it comes to web work, Karen is a human Swiss Army knife, without the edge. As our web director and digital strategist, she oversees web development and handles maintenance, SEO, and social media. Karen is also an accomplished writer, with a popular blog, so we draw upon those skills as well. When she’s not at her desk, you can find her with her dogs or working in her large organic garden.


Julie Betts

— Creative Director
  • Voted (by us) Miss Congeniality
  • Mom
  • Reluctant skier

Julie’s a proud product of the very fine Graphic Design program at the College of Saint Rose. She joined Imagine That as an art director in 2002 and since then has designed countless beautiful brochures, ads, logos, displays, identity packages and web sites. The mother of two sweet girls, Julie treasures her time with them, but admits to appreciating her time with us grownups.


Amanda Webster

— Graphic Designer and Illustrator
  • Fearless snowboarder
  • Survived ACL surgery
  • Should be holding shows for her art

Amanda is our resident artist extraordinaire.  She holds a BA from The University of Hartford in Illustration and Graphic Design. The awards she’s won are longer than her arm. When she’s not two inches from her screen, you can find her tearing up the slopes on her snowboard or turning herself into a pretzel in a Hot Yoga class.


Laurie Freehafer

— SEO and Social Media Manager
  • Took Odyssey of the Mind team to Worlds
  • Admits to being a good proofreader
  • Actually enjoyed winters in Buffalo

Laurie’s involvement in media and marketing dates back to 1999. Whether dissecting a website for SEO opportunities, curating news for social media sites or homing in on HTML and text errors, what charges Laurie up is finding that needle in the haystack. Not surprisingly, combing beaches for sea glass is her passion.



— Happiness Director
  • Equal opportunity best bud
  • Can swallow a mouse whole
  • Tail wags even while sleeping

Our deadlines are fast and furious. We work hard to meet them. So stress is no stranger here. Wink is our in-house Zen master. He believes the best solution to any problem is a wag, a lick, and a nap–in that order. He knows how to help keep our blood pressure down. If you’re having a bad day, stop by. We’ve got the perfect remedy for you.

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